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Everyday with Matt



Heavyfoot Harry Curtis

Following in Grandpa’s footsteps.  

Front of House Podcast

Front of House Podcast

Do you like music? Do you like podcasts? Well then, you’ll like this. I’m talking about a super high-quality podcast about music.

“Front of House” is produced by Mike Dawson. You can find his achievements here:




I listened to the first few minutes on my phone with earbuds. Then I had to turn it off. This podcast

is so good, I needed to use my PC and Sennheiser headphones to make sure I wasn’t missing out.

Glad I did.

Podcasting is evolving, and we have Mike Dawson to thank.


Flyin’ the chopper

Wyatt’s not really scared, he was playing around. He begs me to
fly it.

Chillin’ at the River

Chillin' at the River

Wyatt jumps!

Fun at the river 🙂

Harmonics (working title)

Been playing with this for a while now, added a little more, thought I would upload it. Have a suggestion for song title? Comment below!