The Warm Up Song

An original. Part of my warm up drill.


Marshall’s Exercise

I wrote and recorded this song over ten years ago. Inspiration was “Classical Gas” by Mason Williams. The best parts of this song are in the quiet, subtle nuances…Recorded on a Fender Stratocaster, ran through a Digitech floor processor to a solid state 30 watt Marshall amp. This is electric fingerstyle guitar….

Dolce in C by tcurtisjr

Also working on this original. This is really fun to play! Aside from fading in/out, this recording is totally naked.

Intro to Moderato in A Minor by F. Carulli

This is currently what I’m working on 🙂

My Fortunate Son

Just havin’ fun at the beach!

She talks to Angels, by The Black Crowes

Just playing around with the intro to this awesome song.. It’s hard to devote much time to it, as it’s played in Open E tuning… Hard on the strings to keep re-tuning all the time.

Darth Wyatt slays Qui Gon Jack

image #maythefourthbewithyou